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If you are interested in Poet and Author Yumica P. Thompson speaking and/or reciting her poetry at your event email to discuss availability, logistics, and prices.

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov

Yumica P. Thompson talks about her debut book "More Than Just Poetry - Insight for Overcoming Obstacles" with  Garden of Neuro hosts Lisa Tomey, Nanci Arvizu, and Susan Brearley. During this discussion, Yumica reads three of her poems featured in her book. Poetry was so raw and compassionate that it brought the host to tears. 

Yumica Thompson has been a prayer warrior for the past five years on Thursdays during the 6:30 am Morning Glory Prayer call. Yumica understands that the prayers of the righteous availeth much, and does not take this assignment lightly. She prays and intercedes for the community, leadership, justice, and all matters of concern. Click link below to hear one of Yumica's prayers:

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Yumica P. Thompson nominated for 2021 National Top Women Influencer Award at the Success Women's Conference November 18th - 21st, and also featured in Success women magazine on page 55.


Powerful Poetry by Yumica P. Thompson on March 20th, 2022 at Busboys and Poets for The Women of Faith's Empowerment Conference envisioned and organized by Nina Crump of NC Ministires Inc. Watch Yumica as she recites "Pray" and "I Matter" featured in "More Than Just Poetry -Insight for Overcoming Obstacles". 

April 2021, Yumica P. Thompson talks with Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast host Lida Tomey discussing  Prose Goals, LLC and debut book "More Than Just Poetry - Insight for Overcoming Obstacles". During the interview, Thompson reads three poems in her debut book of poetry and insight.



Yumica P. Thompson speaks honestly and openly in the article "Overcoming Obstacles to Make Room for Your Purpose" featured in Up Word magazine  March 2021



February 28, 2021, Yumica P. Thompson talks with Table Talk Tuesday Podcast host of Women Devotions & Ministry Deborah Smith to discuss new business Prose Goals, LLC and debut book "More Than Just Poetry - Insight for Overcoming Obstacles".

In February, Thompson's poem "Pray" was recited virtually at  2021 Christian Education Youth and Young Adult Talent Night with family.

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