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Buried ​Alive

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Captured… Can’t get out

The air is thin… I’m faint

My pulse is weak… I’m desperate

No one hears me or sees me


It all started when I refused to obey

Got tired of black eyes and foolish lies

Outgrew my childhood to become grown

He treated me like a child

One he’d grown to own


Fix my supper

Wash my feet

Comb my hair

Scrub my floor

Wash my tub

Get me a beer

And a full-body rub


So many wants and commands

Not to mention sex every night

And the first time I said no

He planted a full-body blow


Sure, there were yells and tears

Nothing compares to the torture over the years


I feared outside

I feared inside, too

I feared my own shadow

You would fear the same

If you were beaten



Life became pretty miserable for me

Even when I was sick

That SOB beat me with a stick


He always told me that I could never leave

Said he’d kill me if I tried


I got away for six months

And when he found me

I found his fist in my side

Along with his broken heart

And his broken pride



The only man I ever loved went and dug my grave

He placed my body inside the dirt

Said next time maybe I’d behave


Grief and regret filled my heart

As the weight of the dirt hit my face

It was even harder for me to feel

those worms crawling around my waist


I had no way out

All I could do was cry

My fate had come to its final end

It was time for me to die


Ladies and gents, when you meet a friend

Please follow the warning signs

Because love is only special

When love isn’t blind


I took one last breath

And angels greeted me

I had no peace on earth

But heaven awaited me


Buried Alive INSIGHT

Love will NEVER hurt you. Love will never attack you or your character. Love will never dig you a grave! Don’t be afraid to test someone’s spirit. Don’t be afraid to disconnect from anybody who lashes out at you, disrespects you, humiliates you, taunts you, drags your name in the mud, shows envy, or stabs you in the back. God has written instructions to help us avoid those disguised as righteous, but sent to rearrange our lives with hate, abuse, lies, and torment. Reading the Word of God will prepare you for every battle, and having faith in God will win every fight.



• Have you ever trusted someone who turned out to be your worst enemy?

• If so, how did you break ties with that person?

• Have you ever been physically abused?

• If so, how did it end, and have you been able to forgive?



Dear God, cover the abused in the mighty name of Jesus. Erase their worries, fear, and shame. Show the reader who has faced or is facing domestic trauma that you are bigger. Create a space for them to get away, Lord God. Let them escape to a new way of living. Give them peace, and in return, let them shower you with thanksgiving and praise. Amen. (2 Timothy 3:1-8)

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