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Breaking Chains of Shame

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We do things in life that don’t always align with our beliefs, but

instead align with our circumstances. 


We give up things that are important because of doubt, worry,

and fear!


We carry around the unhappiness of our decision in our heart,

our flesh, our soul.


It makes us tender and eager to reject the idea that love can be

real because of what we did and what we hid.


Ya see… shame drains you and attaches itself to words like



 Your shame meets you in your sleep and taunts you. It destroys your

inner peace and ages you. You begin to appear fragile, weak, empty.


Your silence traps your spirit.


You cry. You cry. YOU CRY!


No one hears you or sees you because you’ve allowed your

shame to make you invisible.


Darkness seeks you out! You fight it. It’s strong.


Darkness sweet-talks you so that you become emotionally detached

from healing. From feeling. From loving.

You are in a constant battle. No one knows but you what you

did or why.


No one sees you’re hurting, because your smile has become a

permanent lie to shield your pain from nosy folk whose opinions

are just that.


Gossip comes alive!


They plan to tell your story but not learn the lesson. Gossipers

plan to tell your story without showing concern. Gossipers plan

to tell your story without your permission. Funny thing about

when they tell “your” story—people listen.


Gossip entertains them!


But you are stronger than you give yourself credit for!


As a still night comes preparing for the sun, you hear a whisper!

Your shame shatters. Your tears flow! You surrender all.


At that moment, you know all you’ve done has been forgiven.


The Lord reveals that he died for you and paid a hefty price

for your sin.


He wipes your tears and erases your fears and loves you. You

are surrounded with light, with hope, with love.


Your silence is now replaced with synonyms and metaphors.

Your story written. Your truth revealed!


But are you free?


Your words have power!


Can you see?


Your story belongs to you!


Are you healed?


Only God knows what your truth will do!


In this life… it is imperative to know that one can only remain

sane by breaking chains of shame.


And like butterflies in clear blue skies

Jesus gives you power to RISE!


By resting assured in your Savior’s eternal promises.


Breaking Chains of Shame INSIGHT

Shame, lies, and dirty little secrets will steal away the joys that God has given to you. The only way to free yourself is to confess, repent, forgive, and operate in God’s spirit and in His truth. Don’t let past mistakes torture you or keep you from progressing. Some pains are lessons, while others are blessings. But if you do not set yourself free, true joy in your life will never be. The choice is yours. Deliverance can be your reality. It is never too late to separate yourself from sin.



• What mistake or transgression possesses your mind?

• Does this thing make you weak, causing you to lose sleep?

• Have you forgiven yourself?



Heavenly Father, the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy us. Help the reader bind up on earth and in heaven the enemy’s tactics, poison, and deceit. Renew their minds daily, Lord, and may you continue to be their help and their strength. Amen.

(Psalm 28:7-8)

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